We’re excited to announce that the Hefetrit is now back on tap at the Joymongers Barrel Hall.


The Hefetrit is a Joymongers original. And a beer that you can only find in one of our taprooms. But it’s not far from a classic German style, the Hefeweizen.

A Hefeweizen is a distinctly German wheat beer. If you break down its name, Hefe translates loosely to “with yeast” and “weizen” translates to wheat. And the name hints at what you’ll find in the glass. It’s known for using its yeast strains to create strong flavor notes of clove, banana, and sometimes even bubblegum. While it’s very light and drinkable, the wheat gives it a full body. German breweries have been brewing Hefe beers for nearly a thousand years, but they didn’t start popping up in the United States until the mid 1980s.


The Hefetrit!

For the Joymongers twist, the Hefetrit, we take the wheat and sub in Triticale (hence, the name Hefetrit). Triticale is a hybrid of wheat and rye. It was first bred by laboratories in Scotland and Germany in the late 19th century. Typically, it combines the yield potential of wheat with the tolerance of rye making it a more viable crop. This allows local farmers in our state of North Carolina to grow it more easily — and allowing us to purchase it from those local farmers!


Wherever possible we try to work locally in creating our beer. We’re lucky to have Epiphany Craft Malt from just an hour away in Durham supplying the triticale for our Hefetrit. Epiphany was founded by Sebastian Wolfrum, who started his career at Ayinger Brauerei in Germany, and received his certification as a maltster in Munich. So we can hardly think of anyone more qualified to supply the local grain for our ode to the German classic!

Our Hefetrit in particular is not so different in flavor from the classic. In color it is the same enticing cloudy gold expected from a delicious Hefeweizen. It still boasts the wheaty body and banana and clove flavors of the classic style. But the introduction of the rye in the malt adds a slightly more complex flavor noticeable by seasoned Hefeweizen drinkers.

It takes us between one and two weeks to brew this crowd favorite at our brewery in Greensboro. It has an ABV of 5%. You may like the Hefetrit if your a fan of our Dunkels Weissbier.

It is so favored that we try to keep it on tap year round, but it has taken a brief hiatus recently — come back and enjoy it while it’s on tap.


“Probably the best Hefe I’ve ever had. Sometimes this style is really bland, but this one is really good!” – Amy H. on Untappd

“Amazing and original” – Sean D. on Untappd

Patrons enjoying Hefetrit on our patio!

This was delightful. A hint of spice from the rye portion. Enough hefe to be good.” – Mike L. from Untappd

“I’m not sure how I’ve never heard of triticale before but I’m enjoying the the subtle complexity that it gives” – Bradlee W. on Untapped

Are you a fan of our Hefetrit? Let us know what you love about it in the comments below!


The Hefetrit is available to drink in our taproom. It comes in a traditional tall Hefeweizen glass but we also offer it in a 10 oz half pour. You can also take it to go in our 32 oz Crowler cans for $10 a piece. We do not offer Growler fills in our taprooms. You can learn more about our Crowlers here.

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