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Several times a year, Joymongers bottles small batch beers. These limited edition varieties are barrel aged and aged for at least 6 months. Hand crafted and filled in house in bottles with original art labels, these beers are delicious today, but even more complex and interesting after aging for a year or more. Current availability is listed below.

2017 Baltic Porter
A full-bodied strong, dark lager that blends deep, rich chocolate notes with dried fruits, molasses, and toast.
8.5% | 750mL | $15

2017 La Grande Saison Rouge
A French super saison. Amber in color with rich notes of molasses, biscuits, and tea, and a dry finish.
9.2% | 750mL | $15

Foederbier Tropisch
A golden-amber colored ale fermented in one of our 20bbl oak foeders (like a giant barrel) with a special strain of yeast and then conditioned on 300lbs of guava, mango, and passionfruit. It’s refreshingly tart, almost sour, burst of tropical fruits.
6.7% | 750mL | $12

Toter Klaus
Russian Imperial Stout aged 6+ months in bourbon barrels. Warming bourbon flavors with dark chocolate and coffee.
10.6% | 500mL | $10

Bourbon Barrel Aged Weizenbock
Robust wheat ale aged in bourbon barrels for 8 months. Notes of vanilla and oak blend with the subtle dried fruit and clove notes. Deep ruby brown in color.
9% | 500mL | $10

Wine Barrel Aged Weizenbock

Red wine barrels and cocoa nibs impart rich fruit and chocolate notes in this robust, dark ruby wheat ale. Chocolate, clove, raisin, and bready malt flavors and a smooth finish.
9% | 500mL | $10

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