An IPA that has become a standby in our rotation is our Brux IPA. We have made over ten versions of this IPA, with different hops and in different amounts, but at its core it is often our juiciest, least bitter IPA offering on the menu. 

Despite it having become a regular in our draft rotation, our bartenders tell us many folks still walk up and ask for the “brut” IPA while ordering the Brux IPA, (pronounced “brucks”), so we thought we’d clear this up. 


As is the case with most of our IPAs, from start to finish brewing the Brux IPA takes about two weeks. After several iterations involving many different hop combinations, we have decided our original version is the best, and that’s what you’ll most likely find on our taps these days. That version includes a mix of Citra and Mosaic hops. 

A crucial ingredient in the Brux recipe, and also where it gets its name, is the yeast used in brewing it, Saccharomyces Bruxellensis Trois. If that looks hard to pronounce, that’s why we just call it the Brux IPA! 


Saccharomyces Bruxellensis Trois, or Sacc Brux Trois, as it’s often called for short, is a novel strain of diastatic ale yeast propagated by White Labs, an American yeast bank with a location in Asheville, North Carolina. 

White Labs in Asheville

When first utilized by White Labs, their brewers found that the strain produces the slightly tart, funky flavors usually produced by wild yeasts, but upon later analysis, found that it was a Saccharomyces strain capable of predictable, stable fermentations. We use it because it develops bold, juicy flavors and tropical hints of pineapple or mango while complementing the low bitterness of a New England style IPA.

(As a side note, this is the same yeast strain used in our Foederbier series.)


No, a Brut IPA is a different style and flavor profile. In brewing a Brut IPA, an enzyme called amyloglucosidase is used to further break down starches, increasing fermentability that results in a super-dry, light, floral IPA. Both delicious options, but ours is the Brux. WHEN CAN I GET IT?

Joymongers rotating and free flowing system means there’s not an exact date on the calendar. But as the Brux is so popular it comes and goes fairly often from our menu. It’s almost always on tap at ONE of our locations! Check the current tap menu for the Barrel Hall here and the Greensboro location here

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